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pop song by johnny_ripper

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Album Description

everything written, arranged and produced by johnny_ripper except for linoleum is a cover of NOFX • originally written by Fat Mike noah's ark was made with Holobody • it's a cover of Cocorosie • originally written by Sierra & Bianca Casady blue sky contains household percussions from
freesound user hoobtastic • more clouds contains samples from the movie The Science Of Sleep sunrise contains a sample from the movie Sunrise (A Song For Two Humans) beau bordel was made with Julsy on vocals • daniel is based around/samples Daniel Johnston's Story Of An Artist june was made with weirddough • harold/maude contains a sample from the movie Harold & Maude robot friend contains a vinyl groove sample from freesound user Herr Klaus • halls of science is a cover of Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory • originally written by Mike Morasky