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gaël by johnny_ripper

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everything written, arranged and produced by johnny_ripper except for ce n'est rien • contains samples from Faust - Flashback Caruso speak • middle section by Ekoda Map gone • with Bijou on vocals cloudhead • piano by Marie-Noëlle Gondry intimacy • contains samples from the movie Adaptation with Lyndsie Alguire
on vocals staircase • with Felix Green cat soup • contains samples from the movie Cat Soup i'm still here • written by Tom Waits & Kathleen Brennan front cover sketch by Lionel Penrose the drumbeats in goodbye/ce n'est rien/gaël/speak/intimacy/left hand waltz/cat soup are general, if not, entirely made out of various recordings. please refer to the songs individually for more details. thank you to freesound user TicTacShutup for some of the sounds used in goodbye. thank you. yes, you. if you need to talk a human being, please ____ links ekoda map • bijou • lyndsie alguire • felix green • gaël • faust - flashback caruso • marie-noëlle gondry • adaptation • cat soup • i'm still here • TicTacShutup •