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Gamer Beats!

Album Description

Producer: Holizna
Engineer: Holizna
Beats Inspired by gaming music (especially retro gaming) consider subscribing to my patreon! You'll have access to over 200 Royalty Free Songs with a library growing monthly (A few albums of cool gamer themed music too!!) Patreon/Holizna you can also buy all the music I have on Patreon for 1$ per royalty free track (you get a LOT MORE bang for your buck on patreon tho :) BandCamp/Holizna


Gamer Beats!
01. HoliznaCC0 - Final Level 00:03:59
02. HoliznaCC0 - Coins 00:04:14
03. HoliznaCC0 - Legends 00:03:30
UPLOADED: 05/05/2022
LISTENS: 17320

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