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Hi! I've really enjoyed uploading music here. so many people are doing so many interesting things, and I get to be a part of it. If you want to support what I'm doing, which is giving out truly unique and creative music for free as public domain, here are the best ways to do so-

1. Patreon: On patreon you will not only be supporting what I'm doing here, but also getting access to over 200 Royalty free songs that you can use in your projects (not found here on FMA). In my mind, if you are wanting to support, this is a win win!!

Patreon/Holizna - over 200 Royalty free songs, and more music monthly!
2. BandCamp: I have all the music you can get on Patreon on this BandCamp Page. If you are not wanting to do a monthly subscribtion on Patreon, you can download my royalty free music here 1$ per song! (every little bit helps me fund my ability to continue providing this service)
BandCamp Holizna - 1$ Royalty Free Songs!
3. BuyMeACoffee: On BuyMeACoffee I am taking donations for my efforts to get my website up and running, and to try to afford better musical equipment in order to make more music! If you are looking to make a one time donation, and not wanting anything from me other than what I provide here on FMA this is your spot!
Buy Me a Coffee?
Thank you to everyone who chooses to give me credit for the songs they use on YouTube, Podcasts, Animations, VideoGames, and short films. It really is a joy to see my creative ideas be used in such ways!

And a special thank you to the generous people who have supported me finicially!!

Have a wonderful day, and please continue to be creative!!!!