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[color=#0d0d0d;]I did die in the hospital at about 5 years old, I left my body and things like that. I looked back down from above and then went back into my body. And then I realized I could leave my body when I wanted to, and practiced doing that, at 5 years old, in the hospital, so that I can still do that now. I have left my body at times as I sleep and gone everywhere in the universe or even possible universes. ,..and yeah I setup ways to travel out there using some kind of structure through empty space I developed back as a 5 year old, just in a blink of time and going on over all the years, I have been alive. My 58th birthday december 2nd. I do not consider an umbilical cord connection to my body to get back to me when I am projecting into the universes, probably because things like that don't matter to me...[/color]