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 gwEm and Counter Reset (1 Albums, 7 Tracks)


gwEm started his musical career as a drum'n'bass DJ. Soon he was playing at events across the south of the UK, culminating in a slot at the world famous jungle event 'One Nation'. After this night, and despite a successful set, gwEm became disillusioned with the drum'n'bass scene of the day. Inspired by the DIY attitude of Bodenstandig 2000, and his younger brother's collection of heavy metal, gwEm started to make 8bit music on Atari ST in 2001.

Successful solo releases soon followed on his own London based label, Preromanbritain, as well as Berlin labels Shitkatapult and Muller, and of course and YM Rockerz.

In addition to his music and collection of Flying V guitars, gwEm also possesses a doctorate in electronic engineering. Using these skills he created two ground breaking Atari ST music programs - the DJ software "STj", and tracker "maxYMiser Live".

Counter Reset started his musical career as a drum'n'bass MC and jazz drummer. In 2004 a mutual friend invited gwEm to play at a club night co-orgnaised by Counter Reset. The two remained in touch. Later in the year, at a Shoreditch heavy metal wrestling night, gwEm invited Counter Reset to take over the vacant drumming slot in his live band "The gwEmettes"

Many superlative gwEm and Counter Reset live collaborations and releases were the result. The releases included "Disco Snax" on 8bitpeoples, and "Die Mensch Maschine" with 8bit Operators/Astralworks.



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