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Spam Sushi by gunctrl

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Producer: Dave Merson Hess
gunctrl's backstory is mysterious and labrynthine. Here's what we do know: would-be members Joe and Dave were working at two adjacent mattress stores, in the heart of Houston's Montrose district. They'd both been musicians once, but had left the field to pursue their twin passions for mattress sales. One day the management of Joe's store anounced the immediate institution of a reduction in lunch breaks, in order to streamline operations and move toward the lean production model so popularized by The Knowledge Economy 2.0. The workers staged a lay-in, sprawling themselves out on the unsold mattresses, sleeping, refusing to get
up. The company brought in strike breakers, but the workers held firm. Inspired by their plight, Dave and the rest of the workers at the neighboring mattress store joined the demonstrations, laying down in solidarity. On the last day of the strike, Joe and Dave slept on adjacent matresses, never having met, and woke up reporting identical dreams. They googled synchronicity, became familiar with Wikipedia articles on the works of Carl Jung, and decided to follow their subconscious impulses by re-enacting the dream as a concept album. Joe and Dave quit their jobs at their respective mattress stores, resolved to follow the liminal bliss, and set out to record a 3-disc album while fasting for 31 straight days. They didn't make it quite that far; creative tensions led to the project's disintegration within the first 7 hours, leaving only this fragment as a document of that day.



02. gunctrl - Spam Sushi 00:03:38

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