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[Guÿôm] aka Guillaume is first of all a superhero. He discovered his super powers about ten years ago after accidental and fatal exposure to liberal economy speeches. But thanks to his unstoppable will, [guÿôm] survived and gained super powers allowing him to fight without truce against the traders and speculators
to set things right and punish the evil. He is equipped with a superhero mask made of vibranium and pure virgin merinos wool (70% minimum) which grants him supra vision thanks to an adamatium catalyst. His clothes were woven from old Pravda numbers, in order to protect himself from the hostile O.P.A. Also, [Guÿôm] relates his adventures through music. The latter is 16 bits (twice as good as 8 bits!!) electro barred, techno parodic, breakcore furious, idm? Screw the labels, [Guÿôm] goes above and beyond restrictive categories.


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