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la musique du vent by gordiani

Album Description

In 2006, I completely lost any desire about writing songs.That long experience was finished and I needed to get out of that pattern and change my art: so I started working on some ideas letting me free to create and play with pure sounds for pure sound.AsTra is an experimental
collection of acousmatic musics designed by playing together couples of one normal and one abnormal music instruments: The Piano plays together to plexiglass in WASSER MUSIK, the Harp to metal plates in FIREMUSIC, and so on this was the game I played composing this cd.AsTra is divided in two parts: THE FOUR ELEMENTS and 2 OTHER MUSICS that I've composed for some video-art by Stefano Trappolini ( this same period I realized a sound installation for mr. Renato Flenghi aboutthe mith of ENEA but I couldn't add this music in a cd because it is conceived tobe played by 8 speakers.



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