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A remaster of my first two albums, with greatly improved audio thanks to Nightmare Lyre! A few notes: - "Death in General" (Track 01) includes a count-in at the beginning. This is one of two songs that were remastered using stems, and the count-in is the same as in the Rock Band version. We decided to keep it in because it sounds cool. - "Adam Sandler and the Chipmunks (Hollywood is Doomed)" (Track 10) originally contained an audio sample from the motion picture "Kindergarten Cop." Since that film is copyrighted, the version of the song here has replaced the audio with a newly-composed orchestral MIDI stinger inspired by the background music of the original sample. - "Good Grief" (Track 14) is a shortened version of the "Good Grief" medley from "Missing Chromosomes... and Proud of It!". All the individual songs ("Denial/Anger", "Bargaining," "Depression" and "Acceptance") have been combined into one track. On top of that, repetitions of certain riffs have been removed since I felt in hindsight it got a bit repetitive to have two "verses" per part of the medley when there are no vocals. Sample notes: - Tracks 01 and 16 sample a video featuring TheeMisterMono ( Used with permission. - Track 10 interpolates "Entrance of the Gladiators", originally composed by Julius Fučík, which is a public domain work. It also samples the motion picture "Plan 9 from Outer Space," which is also in the public domain. - Track 15 contains samples from the short film "Audience of One," produced by the Junior Digital Media Class of Mid-East CTC, Zanesville, Ohio; 2012. Used with permission. Gigakoops - Writing, MIDI composition, production Nightmare Lyre - Remastering, mixing, special thanks PS: Crypto is a scam, pass it along.


Nightmare Lyre