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LOCATION:Bordeaux, France
exorciste de style is a one member group founded in 1998 in Bordeaux, France, by Rico da Halvarez aka Я ا☪⚉ ḍḁ ᅤ Д╰ṽA®Е☡, bassist, eclectic electronic music composer, and digital artist. Я ا☪⚉ ḍḁ ᅤ Д╰ṽA®Е☡ has participated in many projects and music groups since 1989, among which we can mention Almeria, Loubia DoBB System, ALéATOIRE, Gator Dash, Tsunami Wazahari, ACT ... exorciste de style is based on an open musical research open to all styles.  All the songs on this album were composed and recorded by Rico da Halvarez in his home studio in Bordeaux and sometimes
elsewhere. More music is available on his page at If you wish, you can also take a look at some of his digital works on ACT ON ART digital galery: & permanent glitch on twitter ;-)

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