Five Knives


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Released Apr 01, 2021
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[color=#2c2c2c;]Five Knives is an experimental project by Laughing Gear who produced, wrote and mastered the five tracks.[/color][color=#2c2c2c;]It was intended as a musical interpretation of the serial killer genre found more normally in films and books.[/color][color=#2c2c2c;]While it does not tell a coherent plot it does try to capture different aspects of the personality such as the act and the psychosis.[/color][color=#2c2c2c;]Musically it matches this beat for beat by using off balance samples and atmospheric noise.[/color][color=#2c2c2c;]It&rsquo;s been presented as it&rsquo;s supposed to be listened too &ndash; as one whole with no track marks.[/color][color=#2c2c2c;]Unfortunately there are a couple of rough edges which couldn&rsquo;t been fixed as the PC hard drive died and left us with an almost-finished piece.[/color][color=#2c2c2c;]Regardless, this is unique, considered and dangerous music to be listened to on headphones.[/color][color=#2c2c2c;]In the dark.[/color]


Laughing Gear


Laughing Gear