Instagr/am/bient: 25 Sonic Postcards

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Released Dec 28, 2011
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Photos shared with the popular software Instagram are usually square in format, not unlike the cover to a record album. The format leads inevitably to a question: if a given image were the cover to a record album, what would the album’s music sound like?
Instagr/am/bient is a response to that question. The project involves 25 musicians with ambient inclinations. Each of the musicians contributed an Instagram photo, and in turn each of the musicians recorded an original track in response to one of the photos contributed by another of the project’s participants. The tracks are sonic postcards. They are pieces of music whose relative brevity—all are between one and three minutes in length—is designed to correlate with the economical, ephemeral nature of an Instagram photo.
>> 58 page PDF with full-page reproductions of the images and additional information on all the participating musicians

danielsltaylor Apr 30, 2015

This is fantastic work! so happy I was able to discover it. Congratulations to all!

willvolponi Apr 17, 2012

OO-Ray made the best music of this album. I've used it twice in my short movies (and quoted him). Thanx OO-Ray!

plish Feb 01, 2012

Hi all! I'm doing an experiment to understand the creative process better for writing music. No money involved, just for fun and understanding and sharing the learnings with folks. (As an FYI I'm an Innovation/Design Consultant by day) Originally I was going to do the study using the following mood board for musical inspiration. The link is here: http://?

merderein Jan 04, 2012

nicely done!

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