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Milky Squid by Detieti

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smart url ⟹ ⟸ Dear listener! It took a long time to make the fourth album and in the three years after the release of "Frogressive Punk" we have changed a lot. The crazy booth ran away, giving vast to create atmospheric images. However, the blank space on the cover is still filled with the ghosts of these jolliers. On the new album, there has been a shift towards more thoughtful musical material, close in form to classic prog albums. Detieti are still inspired by sci-fi movies from the 80s, they come up with funny cartoon characters. All
this helps to compose new music. It would be lazy and boring for us to make a true concept album, we think of our album as a soundtrack for a non-existent film. We add only a short glossary, which together with the booklet will help you as much as possible to immerse yourself in the music of "Serious IV". THE GLOSSARY THE AGENT - investigates the activities of an alien civilization on Earth. He doubts the reality of what is happening and the purity of his own mind. DIZORIENTERIA - a special existential state, accompanied by a disorder of the digestive system. The feeling of being lost in space and time is characteristic. MILKY SQUID are a race of intelligent beings from Sirius D planet. Explorers of inhabited worlds conducting experiments on Earth. They looks like someone's genetic joke. THE DONKEY - captured by Milky Squid to conduct experiments with consciousness. Probably he didn’t grasp anything. REFLECTIVE ARCHITECT is the supreme Squid in the state of Buddha, as it seems to him. Only three words appear in his mind: "Zaebis, ohuenno, voubsche". Z.O.V. (ZAEBIS OHUENNO VOUBSCHE) is the mantra of all squid.



02. Detieti - Milky Squid 00:05:49

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