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 Dekonstruktor (1 Albums, 4 Tracks)


LOCATION:Moscow, Russia
Dekonstruktor is a trio consisting of Garish (guitars, effects, bass, vocals), Memphisdead (bass, guitars, noises, vocals) and Mitya DHS (drums, vocals). The band was founded in Moscow, Russia in 2009 under the name The Moon Mistress. In April 2010 the band released a four-track demo - raw and stoned doom
with traditional lyrics for the genre. The logo of the band was created by black crystal mind of Alex Held. To the band’s surprise in 2013 Golden Procession from Japan made an offer to release the record on cassettes and it was done the same year. After CD split with Ukrainian Snakerider (2011), released on Pestis Insaniae owned by Mitya DHS, in the same cave the next year the Moon Mistress released the debut album Silent Voice Inside. With their first full-length release, the band has truly come of age with 63 minutes of captivating, atmospheric stoner/doom metal that goes way beyond what many listeners were expecting. The album received a good response and afterwards was re-released as double LP via Swedish label Demonized Records and on cassettes on Russian one called Nomos Dei. The same 2012 7” split with Old One (US) was out, devoted to psychedelic pioneers of 60-s. The next year EP Simla was released on CDr in a very limited edition for completely silent minds.In July 2013 the Moon Mistress at the first time played in Eastern and Western Europe during 2 week tour. Somewhere along 2013 hypnotic mechanical konstruktions arose from the depths and melodious riffs of the previous period stepped away. Accordingly together with new touches and outside experiences the band changed its name to Dekonstruktor in the beginning of 2014. Under the new name the hypnotic album Eating the Universe was out in 2014 - pure acid metal as Dekonstruktor names itself since then. Heavier than before with monotonous beats which take the addicts into the red void. This record has a long release’ history - cassettes by Freak Friendly DIY (allied Ukrainian label, 2014),CD by Voron NEST/Addicted Label(2017), and finally cassette re-release by French Visceral Circuitry (2018). In 2015 Fuck Life We Go Further EP is out on tapes by Pestis Insaniae - a banner of black'n'white nihilism: spining heavy march in vein of Hellhammer and Amebix in the beginning combined with mechanical opium contemplation till the end. New visions of Dekonstruktor within life-death ritual. Addicted Label/Voron NEST made CD release of Fuck Life.. in 2017. That year was rather efficient: besides Fuck Life.. cassette split with Sdoba was self-released and in the end of the year Dekonstruktor presented 3 noisy beats on Kislie Mini CD: the compilation from Moscow-based underground metal/noise/electronic circle. Raw, acid and freaky bands, which had created their own scene and sound surrounded by technological temples and other abandoned holes of the russian capital. Also in March 2015 Mitya DHS and Garish performed as Dekonstruktor in Bangalore, India. Need to say that intensive concerts are integral part of Dekonstruktor, so the band had played in many Russian and European cities. 2016-2017 were not such productive for Dekonstruktor recordings as before, split with Malad, released on tapes by Freak Friendly DIY was the only one. The band has been preparing their next full-length for 2 years and finally it was out in the beginning of 2018 by Pestis Insaniae (tapes) and Hymns of Apocalypse (CD). No Way Back is the next level of the hospitality. Flesh/ flash/ filth GO Lives in Ukraine '17/18 cassette, designed as a tribute to legendary metal bootlegs from 90-s, was released in 2019. The Moon Mistress - Silent Void Inside re-released By Addicted Label on CDs and cassettes in February, 2020. The split with Megalith Levitation was released by Aesthetic Death in summer 2020 - created by titans of Megalith Levitation and Dekonstruktor, the Androgyne is floating up from the black coldness.

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