ddaA (Antonis Anissegos / Oliver Steidle)

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ddaA started in 2008 in Berlin out of need for hardcore music. Antonis Anissegos and Oliver Steidle know each other from various free jazz formations, but when they play as a duo they leave beside their musical past and explore their own way beyond styles and conventions. After many intensive sessions they recorded these tracks in december 2009.Antonis Anissegos is a greek composer/pianist, living in Berlin and involved in many projects in the field of new music, contemporary jazz, improvised music, electronic music and collaborates with dancers and video artists. Member of Trio IAMA, Lynx, Grix, KAYA, European Music Project, oneone, adLib dances, Kayla Quintet, Chris Dahlgren's Lexicon, ΣΩΜΑ, ΦΜΣ.Oliver Steidle is a wanted contemporary jazz drummer, living in Berlin. He is part of Soko Steidle, Der Rote Bereich, Klima Kalima, Tama Trio, Steidle/Erdmann, John Schröder Quartet, Rowk Music, Philm, Kayla Quintet, Die Dicken Finger, Das Treffen, Der 05 Report, The Gairloch Session, Alejandro Sanchez 10tet.

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