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[ntt074] Array of Detritus - 06.D-Axon by ¬[d]

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nx2013-08 - CC Experimental Electronic Music Compilation. (Compiled by: Miquel Parera Jaques)   Cover: nxComposition046d (Miquel Parera Jaques)   Tracklist:   nx2013-08_01:: [ndb-002a-06] A Noise Life - 06.Four Random Words (David Nemeth) Info::­album­david­nemeths­a­noise­life/   nx2013-08_02:: [rw100] Reflections of a Vision - 13.Drifting Space Junk (Noise Research) Info::­100   nx2013-08_03:: [fw108] Feeding Lions -
03.The Craving (Phirnis) Info::   nx2013-08_04:: [pn083] I.M.B. 380Xd Overload - 05.Ilegal Operation (Fisternni & Vlisa) Info::   nx2013-08_05:: [mhrk108] Removal - 01.I would be in your flat (Marco Pianges) Info::   nx2013-08_06:: [fw108] Feeding Lions - 04.Waves Approaching (Phirnis) Info::   nx2013-08_07:: [haze230] All Blues Fades - 03 (Noosign)  Info::   nx2013-08_08:: [txr047] Tremendous Fury - 03.Lamb (Zoÿ Archa)  Info:: http://textural­­fury/   nx2013-08_09:: [ntt074] Array of Detritus - 06.D-Axon (¬[d]) Info::    nx2013-08_10:: [radiolibre] Ruidos del Trabajo... 10.Particulas Sonicas... (Jazznoise) Info::   nx2013-08_11:: [upl053] Verdant Peal - 03.Patau Limbo (Secrets Of The 45) Info::­artists/secrets­of­the­45/upl­053­secrets­of­the­45­verdant­peal­2013/   nx2013-08_12:: [ndb-002a-06] A Noise Life - 02.Still Life with Apples (David Nemeth) Info::­album­david­nemeths­a­noise­life/   All tracks are CC, but if you don't want your work in this compilation, please contact me:



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[ntt074] Array of Detritus - 06.D-Axon by ¬[d] is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.