cátodo dúo

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Released Jul 11, 2018
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music by:
amanda irarrázabal – contrabajo, procesadores, sintetizador analógico
ramiro molina – guitarra eléctrica, procesadores
grabado entre octubre y noviembre de 2017 en santiago de chile.
mezclado, masterizado y producido por cátodo duo
diseño y dibujo de amanda irarrázabal
This album is the second recorded document of the Cátodo Dúo project. The first album, a live recording of their first public performance, was released in 2012, the same year that the duo formed. Over the next five years, the duo made several attempts to create a second album, with both members of the duo making frequent trips between Buenos Aires (where the bassist was living) and Santiago. There were studio recordings and recordings of concerts, but these remain unreleased, as they were eclipsed by this latest work, recorded between October and November of 2017.
A series of three recording sessions generated a large amount of material and, after much discussion, it was decided to release it as a double album. After so many years of not being able to make this album, there was a lot to say.
In this work the duo investigates sound spaces that go beyond the primarily acoustic
nature of the first album, to immerse themselves in an interaction and symbiosis with real-time electronic processes.
Irarrázabal’s use of an analogue synthesizer and Molina’s use of loops and sampler processes add a new dimension to the music, but one that does not stray from the relationship and commitment to the acoustic properties of their instruments. Rather, the new dimension becomes one more aspect of their sound palette.
Thick noise compounds appear, revealing what was only hinted at before. The syntactic dialog of notes in one stands in contrast to the insistent layering of textures of the other – a constant movement that gives rise to 11 improvisations distributed across two discs.
The album alternates between pieces focusing on the acoustic instrument and pieces focusing on the extended instrument before surrendering to a mix of both these elements with even more audacious electronic transformations.
All in all, the two discs flow with a fluidity in which the theme is a constant and sustained attention to the moment in each improvisation, creating a focused syntax that lasts the duration of each piece.