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X Members No Peddlers 1999 by Colin Langenus


X Members No Peddlers 1999
02. Sebajonah (01:39)
03. Dos (02:25)
05. Spo (00:19)
06. Harvey (02:41)
07. You Try (03:21)
08. Blues (00:09)
09. Don't Let Me Go (01:50)
10. Vagabond Blues (02:01)
11. Mambo (02:23)
12. Kinky Sex Tricks (02:54)
14. Samba (00:14)
15. Summer Epic (06:10)
16. Field Studies (03:24)
17. Bulldozer (06:08)
18. Angels (00:04)
19. Feelings (04:59)
20. Asheville Noise (00:27)
21. DDD (02:01)
22. Wookie (00:11)
25. Legs (01:11)
26. Saskatchawand (02:30)
27. Tupelo (00:05)
28. Left It (07:58)
29. Computer Blues (01:02)
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massdist on 01/24/13 at 08:46PM
This record is important to me, and to a few other friends too. Me and Jonah made a double CD celebrating the break up of our band No Peddlers. We made the records together. It was recorded hella different ways, but it was some of our first home computer mixing. I traveled around with my 3 track recorder, working on it fall ’99, but some of it was recorded earlier. See, I make records like this. I love combining old recordings with new songs and tying up loose ends. I try not to lose songs. These songs are all over the place. I’ve made records like this since, but this was maybe the first one where I stated that this is what I’m into. My first solo album. Check out “Bulldozer” which is a Bull Roarer out take that I took, or “Wookie” which is one of my short kinda funny type of songs, or “Left It” which is some of my first full country band recordings, or “Spo” which is kinda modern composition. Or check out the whole piece. It’s 29 songs. It’s epic.
Colin 2013
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