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This Is Everyday by Colin Langenus

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massdist on 01/24/13 at 08:21PM
I made this record summer 2000 at the Pudhouse in VA. I probably made about 20 cassette copies. I got rid of them and that was it. But I always liked this record. Songs and noise and jams and loud and quiet all smashed together. It was done quickly but also is rather meticulous 4 track cassette recording. Some hiss, but I did my best. Tracks of note are the epic “Trying Through These Days” and the political rad riff “We’re Heading Straight Towards Demise.” I sweated gnarly summer, stayed up a couple days to finish this record, then rushed to the bus to get out of town, and hadn’t showered or changed, and this group of teenagers on the bus went nuts and one of them said “I’ve never smelled that bad in my life.” Colin 2013
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