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Friends and Heroes, Volume One

Album Description

  Friends and Heroes, Volume One notes 2012   Hello. Welcome to Friends and Heroes, Volume One. This a collection of 1 on 1 improvisations between me, Colin Langenus, and Brian Gibson, Rob Fisk, Sam Rowell, and Adam Autry.   I have been planning this comp for years, and I knew it would take years. Traveling around playing with many musicians, recording Free out noisy music, making a racket. These are my friends and these are my heroes. These musicians totally own what they are doing! They are masters!    Attention: Brian, Rob, Adam, and Sam – If you do not want to read
flattering things about yourselves then do not read below!   Track 1 featuring: Brian Gibson (bass, drums, banjo, Lightning Bolt, video games, Videos, Wizardzz, Barkley’s Barnyard Critters etc)   I went up to Providence for a weekend to jam with Brian, just to jam, like for no reason in 2004 or 5. We just chilled out and jammed, recorded for no reason, just for practice, but then way later I decided - man, that’d be rad on this comp. Brian is very talented! He’s kinda changed the game on many fronts.   Track 2 featuring: Rob Fisk (guitar, Deerhoof, Common Eider King Eider, Free Porcupine Society, Badgerlore,  7 Year Rabbit Cycle etc)   Rob is a guitar hero of mine! He changed the way I see a lot of things in music and how I  play guitar! We made these jams up in Alaska in his log cabin when I went up to live with him for a month in 2004. I went up there to write and chill, and we ended up doing some jamming. I saw bald eagles and glaciers everyday and the Northern Lights every night.   Track 3 featuring: Sam Rowell (bass, Eloe Omoe, Chickita, Infrasound etc)   Me and Sam did the double bass playing here! I went up to Boston and jammed for the weekend in 2007. So stoked about this. So gnarly! This music is a fully realized dream to me. I’m so proud of it. I’m playing the bass like a keyboard, on the ground, battering it. Sam is jamming free and loud and hard. Eloe Omoe is playing gigs! Feel the bass bliss!    Track 4 featuring: Adam Autry (drums, Olneyville Sound System, Pixeltan, Plate Tectonics etc)   Olneyville Sound System was very influential on Usaisamonster. We would borrow quite liberally from them. Adam and I have jammed and recorded a ton over the years. These are some of the first from 2004 recorded in Brooklyn. These are not songs. They’re just jams we made up on the spot that sound like songs. Adam is one of the best and most distinctive drummers that I’ve ever known. And O.S.S is rocking hard these days! They’re out and about! Doing it! Go see em.     Sorry if some of this writing is dumb. I did my best, and did it sorta quickly. On to the next.   Picture by Jack Ritchey. Those bottles are from Deya Ramsden’s found collection.   The 2nd volume of Friends and Heroes is slated for release earliest in 2015 and its gonna feature tape hiss,  Jonah Rapino,  Eli Winograd, Turner Williams, maybe more Gibson and Adam, Gregs?, Sto, AxTx, hopefully Danny, maybe Kid haha etc! or not!    Thank you! Thanks Free Music Archive! Thanks Northern Spy Records!      



Friends and Heroes, Volume One
UPLOADED: 03/28/2012

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