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The Aural Rear-View Mirror (Retro Collage)

Album Description

Producer: Christian H. Soetemann
"This album is a collection of various works recorded and released under my own name – rather than the name cryptic scenery – between ca. 1995 and 2005. It was originally planned to be released on CD in 2008 or so, but lack of funds meant indefinite postponement. With a number of adjustments, the collection is now available here. It is a collage as well as a collection, since the music contained here goes into a number of different directions, making for at times challenging listening. For those who only prefer to listen to the Ambient/Drone/minimalist/noise material, you may be
inclined to exclude the six songs in the sequence, appearing at positions 18 to 23. A number of tracks have been tweaked, remixed or re-recorded. The re-recordings date back to 2005, and no material recorded after 2005 is included here. Most of the releases many of the tracks were part of are no longer available. However, I have also uploaded several of the full releases to the Internet Archive, where further listening is possible should you so wish. Please refer to the individual tracks to see where they originated from. I would like to thank all the underground labels and collaborators over the years who were open to releasing some of my music." Music, words, performance and construction by Christian H. Sötemann.



The Aural Rear-View Mirror (Retro Collage)
UPLOADED: 06/20/2021
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