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 ca$h4otters (1 Albums, 8 Tracks)


  • Eamon Hamill
Wake up. Eat some pretzel stick type food. Bust some raps. Cook like 3 eggs. Field record. Rest. Push some computer buttons. Eat granola with yogurt and fruit. Think about 4 things. Write like 3 song names. Bathe. Push some keyboard buttons. Eat like 5 pieces of ham on bread.
Croon. Talk on some telephones. Automate the delay feedback on the bus. Read a magazine article. Take a nap on a sofa bed. Bounce down track 2 like 4 times. Cut them together. Eat pasta. Redo the vocal parts again. Preserve some vegetables. Work on the needlepoint project. Delete the drum track. Put an inappropriate effect on everything, but, in the end, think better of it. Take a shower. Snack on some cashews. Put the ending at the beginning. Put a string part over that other part. Write a postcard. Automate most things. Eat like 3 bagels with bacon and other things. Add new drums. Do an interpretative dance cycle. Chop up everything. Kick an onion. Record back up vocs. Pretend to do Tai-chi. Look at an atlas of world history. Add a GM synthesized calliope sound. Pause. Eat like 6 clementines. Put an inappropriate effect on everything.