Bumy Goldson

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I began playing guitar at 16 in 2000, and began writing songs in 2002. In 2005, I started playing piano very regularly until it surpassed my guitar skills.

My biggest songwriting influence was Pink Floyd. Some of the ways they influenced me was non-repeating choruses, lyrics that dealt with life, the mind, the universe (as opposed to what I was used to from pop music which was either making or breaking relationships), chord progressions, lyrical style, melodic style, and, to a lesser degree, the long drawn out musical pieces. Maybe I'll get into that more one day.

I love producing original music. I do everything myself, from writing, to recording, to editing, to producing, making music videos. The freedom of being self-sufficient (especially with the advent of the internet where sending songs all over the world is much easier and waaaaay cheaper than it used to be) gives me a total creative freedom, something which many larger acts lack due to contract restrictions.

Although I label my work as CC NC, the truth is I would be very happy if others took my work and reproduced it elsewhere, even if it helped them earn something. The only reason I NC it is to stop entrepreneurs from taking advantage of me.

I've written hundreds of songs in the last 20 years (2021). Recently, I put songwriting on pause so I could properly produce and release the bulk of them.

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