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brice catherin

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Released Dec 05, 2014
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These are all pieces that I composed as a student of the composition department of the High School of Music in Geneva. There are a few funny stories about them that I should probably not share until I’m lying on my deathbed. (But I promise to, when the time comes.)
Only the two Pérégrémotions were premièred (marvellously) shortly after they were composed: Péré I by Max Dazas, Richard Kuster and Pascal Stauffer; Péré II by Cyril Regamey. The other pieces needed more time to find outstanding and dedicated performers, but it was worth the wait.
Anyway, here is a little game. As a composer I like to compose tributes to my elders. Try to find which piece goes with which tribute: Galina Ustvolskaya; Heinz Holliger; Elliot Carter; Elliot Carter again. Send me an email to find out what you win. Good luck!
pérégrémotions i (2003) for three percussionists
percussion: alexandra bellon, guy-loup boisneau, claire defet.
erster verlust (2002), version for solo baritone saxophone
saxophone: vincent daoud.
traümerei (2002) for voice, cello, saxophone and percussion
voice: frédéric danel; cello: brice catherin; saxophones: vincent daoud; percussions: alexandra bellon.
symphonie consternante (2003) for bassoon and orchestra
solo bassoon: ludovic Thirvaudey; conductor: aurélien ferrette; flutes: laetitia tanner and marie roqueta; clarinets: lea sangiorgio and blaise ubaldini; bassoon: fanny monjanel; trumpet: yannick barman; tuba: christophe schweizer; percussions: alexandra bellon and guy-loup boisneau; piano: viva sanchez; double basses: noëlle raymond, enrique soto, jesus chaidez and lamberto nigro.
pérégrémotion ii (2005) for solo percussion
percussion: guy-loup boisneau.
erster verlust and the symphonie consternante were recorded live in the eglise saint-françois, lausanne, switzerland, by jean keraudren, on 15 may 2010.
traümerei was recorded by brice catherin on the 2 june 2010, at frédéric’s place. these three pieces were world premieres.
pérégrémotions i and pérégrémotion ii were recorded live at the théâtre de la traverse, geneva, switzerland, by brice catherin, on 15 january 2011. they have been mixed by david puntener.