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08 Be True [Be Gone] by BeMixed!

Album Description

Producer: D Talma and C Ladret
Engineer: D Talma
BeMixed! was a project that was started by Daniel Talma (Chapman stick, Warr guitar) and Christophe Ladret (drums, percussion) in the summer of 2011. They recorded 12 'basic guide tracks' of drums and stick and through the internet they invited musicians to add their idea's to these tracks and send
them in. Many musicians from all over the world sent in vocal lines, keys, trumpet, sax, clarinet, guitar and other parts. Each in their own style, taking the 'basic guides' in different directions. In the BeMixed! studio all these contributions were selected, edited and mixed, resulting in 16 unique tracks which can be described as crossovers between composed and improvised music in a variety of styles. These tracks were released on an album called “A Transatlantic Pact - reel 1 & 2” The name [in brackets] is the original basic guide track the song is based on. Youmight think that the musicians responded to each other, but that is not the case: None of the participating musicians heard the other's contributions. But we did do a lot of editing, and the final arrangement might be quite different from how we received the parts. If you want to know more about BeMixed! you can email to info -at- Featuring: Lara Polangco: Main Vocals, Backing Vocals (2,6,11) Anomaly Jonez: Main Vocals, Backing Vocals (3) Miriam Christine: Main Vocals, Backing Vocals (4) Keith Anthony: Main Vocals, Backing Vocals (1,8) Odyssey Bogussevich: Vocals, Voices, Piano, Claps (5) Eric Kennedy & brother: Vocals, Guitars, Keys (13) Jean Christian Bancais: Vocals, Guitars, Synths (12,16) Charly Mounsey: Words (10) Warren Byrd: Additional Vocals (2,3,6,14) Jan Muggen: Harmony Vocals, Voice Effects (3,14) Saskia Laroo: Trumpet, Sax (1,2,3,4,6,8,10, 11,14) Han Post: Sax, Clarinet (4,5,6,7,8,9,14,15) Martynas Kuliavas: Guitars (4,10) Marc Borst: Guitars (1,5) Stephane Arbon: Guitars (8) Volga Flo/Denya: Guitars (16) Ryan Iyengar: Keys, Piano (3,4,6,8,10,14,15) Benoit Rivaux: Synths, Piano (4,10) Patrick Barere: Keys (7) Patou Soult: Cymbals, Sound FX (5) Cat Calabrese: Lyrics(1,8) Christophe Ladret/BeMixed!: Drums, Percussion, lyrics (7) Daniel Talma/BeMixed!: Chapman stick, Warr guitar, Guitar(2), Vocoder programming (7), Editing, mixing and mastering. Artwork by Edwin van den Bosch



BeMixed! - 08 Be True [Be Gone] 00:03:37

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08 Be True [Be Gone] by BeMixed! is licensed under a Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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