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A+G.3 by auris+gino

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Looking out her window onto a Massachusetts wooded marsh, my mother says, “I know that Purple Loosestrife is an invasive species, but I don’t care – it’s beautiful.” Invited in but still unexpected, the newcomer alters the landscape, soils the soil, but opens eyes to an unanticipated beauty and a
bit defiantly knows its place. Auris says, “Gino, step in,” and available ears get a renewed massage. Hearing the music only, not seeing the players, I imagine elbows flailing and then softening to subcutaneous bubbling stillness, ears open to each other’s studied whims. The marsh and all its homeys, shaken a bit, stirred a bit, defied a bit, massaged a bit. - lou mallozzi music by: eric leonardson | springboard, electronics julia miller | guitar, electronics christopher preissing | flute, electronics gino robair | percussion, electronics recorded at experimental sound studio, chicago, october 20, 2010 engineered by alex inglizian mixed and mastered by neil jendon cover art by eric leonardson design by christopher preissing