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Dark Metropolis

Album Description

Producer: Audiorezout
Engineer: Audiorezout
💰 LICENSE: AUDIOREZOUT - DARK METROPOLIS ✅ You can use the tracks on this portfolio in your videos for FREE but without the ability to monetize them on YouTube. If you want to remove the copyright or you want to include monetization of your videos and earn money, you need to purchase a license for each track that you use. If you can not purchase a license, in this case you can leave all as it is. You can FREE USE my music in TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts. RESTRICTIONS ON USE - You cannot Claim my music
as your own. - You can NOT sell the music anywhere. (Stocks, Production Library Music and so on) - You cannot Register my music in any store/platform. (Spotify, Apple Music and so on) - You cannot Register my music in Content ID.


UPLOADED: 07/16/2022
LISTENS: 48767

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