Apes on Tapes

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Released Oct 16, 2012
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via Homework Records — A good friend describes Foreplays as follows. We think it's a good way to introduce the new Apes on Tapes album..."The energy in the italian underground is still growing and lotta things going on.Lucky events and facts are tangible and available for everyone who have sensible ears to approach them.Facts: Sonic agitators like Homework records are for sure one of the reason why I'm so positive about the forementioned scene.Lucky Events: (((QS))) had the privilege to get the new album from Apes on Tapes "Foreplays" before all the common humans.If we could consider this product representative of the health of the italian beatmaking we can only expect Big things for the rest of the year.Ok, Apes on Tapes are one of the first italian act to embrace the religion of the new electronic hip hop in the post-Dilla era.Compared to their previous works, this record make us think they got better like good wine: they refined some aspects of their music which made them easily associable with the early 2k hip hop producers, like Prefuse or the first Dabrye, which melted hip hop beats with a electronic taste stolen from IDM and all the minimalist avantgardes (Glitch music mainly) which grew around the globe at the end of the last century. This new work is the continuum of that experience, they didn't cut the links to the past but they made their own sound grow up so we can tell their approach is mature and very personal thanks to the balance this guys have developed in their sound: one element that made this equilibrium evident and lucky is the elegant essential approach which avoided excessive overproduction and useless virtuosism keeping coherence with the words Hip Hop Beats.We can say for sure that Foreplays is an instrumental Post Modern Hip Hop album: we can taste molecules of pop candies flowing in the air like friendly ghosts, kick and snare drums that have been made by minds that have sublimed the experience of concrete music and super elegant synthawavelines from our digital age as well.I do not recomend any single track from this album because Foreplays has been made to be listened entirely to enter the colourfull journey into the Apes world."from QueenSpectra blog -

macedonia Oct 18, 2012

Insanely good album. Apes On Tapes got me listening to the Homework Netlabel a few years back...

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