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a2n Creative Commons Compilation 2010 // all2gethernow

Album Description

via Wolfgang Senges / ContentSphere:For all2gethernow 2010 (a2n), I contacted a few guys from the German netlabel community plus some artists and teamed up compiling this sampler. It includes various styles of music, from electronics to singer/songwriter stuff. But, you should take a listen for yourself. It’s a treat.Involved (net)labels: 12rec., aaahh records, Error Broadcast, Resting Bell, P-Pack Records, rec72, Weisser Herbst.Many thanks to the label owners, artists and people who supported the project - in alphabetical order: Danny Bruder (P-Pack Records), Christian Giering (Finetunes), Oke Göttlich (Finetunes), Christian Grasse (aaahh records), Zoe.LeelA, Marco Medkour (rec72), meik michalke (/’angstalt/, Open
Music Contest), Matthias Quellmann (Finetunes), Roland (Machtdose Podcast), Christian Roth (Resting Bell), Moritz “mo.” Sauer (, Sim Sullen (12rec.), Sven Swift (12rec./Error Broadcast), Thomas Ternes (