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 Alex Mason (2 Albums, 18 Tracks)


LOCATION:Russian Federation
Hello and welcome to my page! I have been working and writing music for 8 years. Genre style: Orchestra, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Folk. I always dreamed of writing music for various kinds of video materials. At the moment, I am writing soundtracks for various films, games, TV series. I will
be glad if you like my work. For questions of commerce and the use of music, please contact me personally. I will also write music for you in the genres indicated above. I will try to do it as soon as possible. I work until you like the result. I also wrote six independent albums, which you can familiarize yourself with by asking me about it (many tracks and several albums were released as Ost to various projects). Film genres (refers to TV shows and games too), which I will undertake: thriller, horror, action, drama, melodrama, fantasy, detective. I will not take it: comedy, musical, crime, sports, cartoon. Other genres under consideration. Please take into account the above, otherwise we will waste each other's time in vain. I look forward to your orders and I am sure that we will implement any ideas. In my portfolio I have the following works: 1. Trailer for the short film "Cycle", directed by Maxim Noginov. 2. Soundtrack for the series "The Game of Survival", directed by Alexander Levchenko 3. Soundtrack for the game "Project Infinity" by Adam Beer. 4. Using the trailer track for the international music festival-project Arena Project 5. Soundtrack for the documentary "Twelve Hells", Hungarian Federal Television. 6. Soundtrack to the film '' Broshenka '', directed by Natalia Akimochkina There is also a lot of use of my music in large quantities in various videos, clips. I have written six independent albums

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02. Alex Mason - Despair 00:02:45
03. Alex Mason - Beginning 00:02:16
04. Alex Mason - Attempts 00:02:02
05. Alex Mason - Locked Up 00:05:29
07. Alex Mason - Hard Day 00:02:11
08. Alex Mason - Prisoner 00:03:21
09. Alex Mason - Nostromo 00:04:14