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Turn Over A New Leaf

Album Description

Turn Over A New Leaf
Turn Over A New Leaf
Producer: Adeline Yeo (HP)
Engineer: N.A
Turn Over A New Leaf is an acoustic rock genre music soundtrack included in the same name music single. Music inspiration came from a young teenage boy. He was born in a single-parent family. Because his mother abandoned him while he was still a baby. His father painstakingly raised him
up. In his teenage years, he mixed with gangsters and learned bad habits. He committed thefts crimes. In the end, he went to prison and after his release turn over a new leaf. Feel free to visit or follow artist updates below: Artist Websites: Adeline Yeo Indie Artist Website Adeline Yeo (HP) Trac Facebook: Adeline Yeo (HP) Facebook Twitter: Adeline Yeo (HP) Twitter Instagram: Adeline Yeo (HP) Instagram Reverbnation: Adeline Yeo (HP) Reverbation


Single Tracks

Turn Over A New Leaf
UPLOADED: 09/14/2021
LISTENS: 15257

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