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Noon by aboombong

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aboombong, amnemonic
aboombong, amnemonic
Producer: aboombong
Engineer: aboombong
Reviews: Smokin' hot...another distinctive stream of ethnological forgeries (see Can), Fourth World ambient excursions (see Jon Hassell), mesmerizing post-rock mini/maximalism (see Holy Fuck), and unexplained transmissions (see Füxa). This is some of the most interesting, ambitious music coming out of Seattle at the moment. (Dave Segal @The Stranger's Line out)
Weird and freaking[ly] SPLENDID LISTEN where experimental-drone boundaries are reached and breached. EXCEPTIONAL title.(mogwai@The Sirens Sound) An untamed collusion of the finest noise, concrète and ambient soundscapes. (@ The Sound of Eye). Available for sale at, name your price. The first 200 purchases of $5 or more will get access to limited edition bonus material (also available for donations through the "tip the artist" button here).



05. aboombong - Noon 00:14:29

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