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LOCATION:Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Živko Kondić
Ж.Novi Sad, Serbia (2012 – present) Ж. is a home-recording project of Živko Kondić (Живко Кондић), a musician and visual artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. It started during the year 2012 when first complete tracks like "37 Billion Suns" were made. In genre, Ж. is meant to represent all
drone, ambient, dark-ambient and improvisation work by the artist. Influences are various, mostly bands and artists that nudged Živko in the world of drone/dark-ambient music: Boris, Nadja, Aidan Baker, Sunn O))), Black Boned Angel, Natural Snow Buildings, Earth and a ton of others. Discovery of new music is very important to the artist. The name Ж. is derived from the first initial of the artist, the letter Ž in Cyrillic. Ž is pronounced something like “ge” in “Rouge”. When one divides the Ж letter, he kind of gets the letter К, the second initial of the artist. Ж. features guitars in various different alternate tunings, all played by Živko. The artist also does all VST work, engineers sound when needed, cover art and everything else. Covers of Ж. tracks feature Živko’s art, original mixed media drawings, digitally overlaid with the ever-present Ж. symbol and tweaked. is one of the places to find Živko’s art. As for releases, there's no strict plan. Music will be released mostly digitally, when several tracks form a coherent combination. Updates will come as soon as anything is released.

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01. Ж. - Untitled II 00:32:02
02. Ж. - Untitled IV 00:08:32
03. Ж. - Untitled III 00:28:49
04. Ж. - Zvuci Bez Imena 00:06:32