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Lukasz Szalankiewicz (alias ZENIAL) -  residence now in Krakow : historian , sound desinger and contemporary electronic music composer. Member  of the Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music (PSeME).

Participated in many international festivals :
( Austria, Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, France, China, Hungary, Belorus, Romania, Lithuania, Israel, Kazachstan, Peru, Brasil, Argentina, Urugway).

Performed in Poland in Audio Art Festival, Unsound Festival, Wro Festival,Kordegarda Gallery (Warsaw), Contemporary Art Centre (Laboratorium, Warsaw), Contemporary Art Laznia (Gdansk), Contemporary Art Gallery Arsenal (Bialystok), Contemporary Art Gallery (Wroclaw) and many other places...

His practice extends to research audiovisuals performance and interactive installations...



Zenial - "Janek Data Overload" (07:02)
Zenial - "Janek Data Overload" (07:02)


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