Zahra Jewanjee & Simon Coates

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Zahra Jewanjee & Simon Coates live in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and collaborate on sound art projects, though both are artists in their own right and produce solo work separate from the other.
Zahra Jewanjee is from Karachi, Pakistan and works in paint and is a photo-documentarian. Her key, long-term photo documentary project focuses on cross-gender societies, and work from her “Don’t Ask My Real Name” series was published in the 2012 Fall edition of MAS Context.
Simon Coates is originally from London in the UK, and works in paint, film, and print. He is artist in residence at The Gallery of Light in Dubai and writes for Harpers Bazaar Art Arabia. Their most recent work was a sound and video installation entitled “The Absence of Presence” that was commissioned by the Dubai Culture Authority for the SIKKA 2013 Art Fair in Dubai.