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Dope Mixes by Yaka-anima (Sábila Orbe)

Album Description


Yaka-anima is a computer music, experimental, dark electronic project from Rancagua, Chile. Created by Sábila Orbe. This EP Contains some Yaka-anima collaborations and remixes. credits. track 1 music by ΔککΔ, voice generator by Sábila Orbe. track 3 music by EEE Ville voice generator by Sábila Orbe. track 2 remix of original track "Apartment" by DMV07 / track 4 remix of original track "My Glossy" by I AM NOT.../ track 5 remix of original track "Cae la Noche" by Marineros. / track 6 remix of original track "Without a Break" by Hyon Song Wol.  Cover artwork by Sábila Orbe. model: Mist Spectra.

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