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See Mystery Lights (Instrumentals) by YACHT

Album Description

Released:July 28th, 2009
Producer: Jona Bechtolt
Engineer: Jona Bechtolt

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Jason Sigal on 08/24/2009 at 11:44AM

<-- WFMU @ The Waterpod with YACHT 7/27/2009 | photo by Madaes licensed CC by-nc-nd

"All people are welcome to become members of YACHT" -YACHT mission statement

To help facilitate your YACHT membership, the band/belief-system/business is offering instrumental versions of their new album, See Mystery Lights, here on the Free Music Archive. The album was released earlier this summer on DFA Records, and it's the clearest incarnation of YACHT's all-encompassing vision to date. See Mystery Lights takes the experimental electronic pop of 2007's I Believe In You, Your Magic Is Real (Marriage Records) to new realms -- specifically, to Marfa Texas, where YACHT founder Jona Bechtolt and new member Claire Evans drew inspiration from Marfa's mystery lights.

We learned about all this back in July, when WFMU DJ Trent invited YACHT out to a remote broadcast from The Waterpod. This sustainable boat habitat docked at 125th Street on the dark waters of the Hudson River was the perfect venue for YACHT (pictured above). Claire and Jona led their fellow waterpod inhabitants (including WFMU listeners and friends from Solar1) in a series of mantras that form the core of See Mystery Lights.

YACHT create music that encourages you to join-in, to sing along, dance, or download it and make your own karaoke music-video remix. Along with the newly released See Mystery Lights instrumentals, YACHT shares instrumentals of Jona's earlier solo work, plus the beats he made during his stint as 1/2 of The Blow, over at teamyacht. While you're there, be sure to check out YACHT's Nirvana-mashing split with Lucky Dragons, and for-sale items mixed in with the freeloads. Oh and one more thing: States Rights released this mixtape of music that subconsciously inspired See Mystery Lights



simoniddol on 08/26/09 at 10:07AM
this is really kool, THANK YOU for this!
katya-oddio on 12/17/09 at 09:26PM
What fun! Thank you!
rodfilmmaker on 08/06/10 at 04:48PM
Incredible music! I love it!
jliquor on 04/21/11 at 07:33PM
Yacht put on a great show at Coachella this year, watched it live via YouTube. Looking forward to seeing them on some summer tours.
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