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It Ain't Right by Wooden Ambulance

Album Description

Released:May 23rd, 2013
Producer: Vladimir Grubor and Goran Grubišić
Engineer: Vladimir Grubor and Goran Grubišić

All songs were recorded as a live session at Studio 11 (Subotica, Serbia) on 12 & 13 January, 2013. Additional instruments and voices were recorded also in Studio 11 afterwards in several recording sessions during January, February, March, April and May in the same year.

Everything was recorded by Vladimir Grubor and Goran Grubišić, except brass instruments, they were recorded and arranged by Dušan Filimonović at his home in Belgrade.

Mixing, production and mastering by Vladimir Grubor and Goran Grubišić.

Wooden Ambulance:

Bernadett Brestyánszki – cello, flute

Boris Čegar – piano, melodica, back vocal

Davor Bašić Palković – bass guitar, back vocal

Dína Brestyánszki – violin, vocal

Dušan Filimonović –electric organ, synth, guitar, SW radio

Goran Grubišić – vocal, guitar, banjo guitar, harmonica, glockenspiel, xylophone, kalimba, various shakers, tambourine, cow bell

Rudolf Kovács – drums, mouth harp

Srđan Terzin – guitar, accordion, keyboards


Special guest:

Tomislav Marijanović  - trumpet, euphonium


We would like to kindly thank to: Vladimir Grubor, Damir Rijovich Originalov, everyone at Studio 11, Audio Solutions, our families, and all people who helped, supported and inspired us.

Front cover artwork by Goran Grubišić.

Cover design by Damir Rijovich Originalov.

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10. It Ain't Right (04:28)

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