Willy Stamati

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WILLY STAMATI is a post-industrial / noise / ambient one-man project from Ukraine. It was established in 2007. The basic aim was sound experiments. Inspired by such luminaries as Merzbow, Aube, Maurizio Bianchi, Marco Corbelli, Raison d'Etre, Contagious Orgasm and Bad Sector, Willy Stamati worked his way up from darkwave and neoclassic to post-industrial and noise and created more than 50 albums in different styles. The main topic of his music is life in its lowest display, from worst human features to faults of development; the gloomy atmosphere of his music call thoughts about doom, despair and realization of self-insignificance. The main features differing Willy Stamati from similar projects are careful selection of musical material, variety of genres and styles, its original sound and serious intelligent approach to music creation.

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