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 Wildildlife (1 Albums, 6 Tracks)


LOCATION:San Francisco
  • Andy Crane (Bass Vocals),
  • Matthew J. Rogers (Guitar Vocals),
  • and Willy Nilz (Drums)
From: three members of Wildildlife (just pronounced Wildlife) are no strangers to the sensation of ridiculously overloaded senses and, as such, they have crafted an album that is evocative of such an experience for their latest full-­‐length, Give In To Live. Expansive melodies, epically dirgey sludge, rave ups and
a huge heaping helping of good ol’ brain-­‐ bending psychedelia characterize the eight songs on Give In To Live, all while not completely obfuscating the overall hum-­‐ability or pop sensibilities of this wildly experimental rock band. Wildildlife has been tagged with many genres – Heavy Metal, Shoegaze, Stoner, Doom, Drone, Noise – those can only hint at the greater aesthetic they have developed. Their genre traversing efforts are most assuredly studied amalgams showcasing the band’s multi-­‐instrumental training with each band member’s individual and broad tastes. Produced by Jennifer Herrema – a veteran of molding chaos into a cohesive song herself as a founding member of the bands Royal Trux and RTX – Give In To Live, is treated to a newfound coat of polish heretofore unheard amidst all the noise, but hinted at on their prior releases, Six and Peas Feast. The result is no less demented as lysergic overtones are focused into razor sharp emanations of movement, melody and psychosis. Formed in Boston, developed in San Francisco, before recently settling in Seattle, Wildildlife have toured all over the US supporting their previous releases (Six, Peas Feast, Live @ WFMU) amassing an underground following of fans of their particular twisted brand of genre melding rock, and garnering critical praise across the vast corners of the Net. Give In To Live will be released digitally on October 26th followed by a limited edition press of colored vinyl shortly after.


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Live Performance

Live on WFMU on Brian Turner's Show 4/8/08
01. Wildildlife - Metal 00:09:55
02. Wildildlife - Grinder 00:04:43
03. Wildildlife - Kross 00:06:36
04. Wildildlife - Violent 00:06:39
05. Wildildlife - Shining 00:09:06
06. Wildildlife - Latace 00:02:16