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Three Tales from The Old Asylum by Wheeler Antabanez

Album Description

The Old Asylum and Other Stories:
Released:August 3rd, 2018

Here are three audio tracks from The Old Asylum.  They are read by the author, Wheeler Antabanez.  If you liked these three tales you will probably enjoy the rest of the book.  The Old Asylum and Other Stories (Second Edition) by Wheeler Antabanez is available in paperback and ebook formats from Amazon:   

Take a closer look at the mysterious BLAKDRAC graffiti appearing high above the North Jersey landscape…        Weep along with The Dry Man until your tears are parched and your skin begins to peel…        Behold the Blizzard Beast, who stalks his prey in the snow and, if he doesn't kill you, will surely drive you insane…

Author website:     

Instagram: @wheeler_antabanez     

Amazon book link:

Also for more insane asylum audio you can download    Wheeler’s spoken word album Words of Overbrook for free on the FMA.


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Three Tales from The Old Asylum

Three Tales from The Old Asylum by Wheeler Antabanez is licensed under a Attribution License.
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