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Wet Mango
LOCATION:Los Angeles California USA.
  • Cristina Fuentes
Wet Mango is Cristina Fuentes’s solo music project created in 2008. She is a member of the Game Boy duo Sonic Death Rabbit started with Baseck in 2004. Her music can be categorized as Experimental Electronics, and is associated with the sub-genres of chiptune and breakcore. She currently composes on
Game Boy Original, Color and DS using the software Little Sound DJ and Korg DS-10 with some use of synthesizers. The tempo varies from slow and crunky to fast and hardcore, sometimes within the same song. There are obvious influences blending together from genre’s like freestyle, gabber, hip hop, drum & bass, and many more. Thick layers of dirty sounding, broken, heavy beats and melodies slide side by side to create un-categorized rhythmic noise. Most tracks are instrumental but there are some with singing, rapping, or brutal screaming. She also performs covers from artists such as Prince, Blondie, and George Michael and is known for her strong live shows. Wet Mango is currently based out of Los Angeles, California USA. She is a resident of the Darkmatter and So Simple Soundsystem show collectives and is forming a chiptune collective with other artists in LA.


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