Waylon Thornton

Waylon Thornton is the main songwriter behind Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands and Damage Brain. He also releases music…

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Pale Jewel 2012 - Album
Eight songs recorded in Waylon Thornton's home studio during the early summer of 2012. 



douglasawh Oct 15, 2017

I'd love to get you on my podcast for an interview. Details @ http://www.musicmanumit.com/p/interview-details.html -- We'll figure out a date if you're interested.

ninjabeats Jan 28, 2016

i like "Baby In The Reeds" song

Kidkraft Kitchen Feb 22, 2015

Thanks Waylon for your music!

felipemartinez May 08, 2014

Hey... Nice songs. I use "Favorite Secrets" for this video https://vimeo.com/94516594 Thanks ;)