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Cody and Zach lived together in on top of Laurel Hill in San Francisco a block from the Bridge theater and on the same block as Trader Joes. They both used Zach’s MPC 1000 and their music collections to make the inspirational music to listen to on the headphones while you walk stoned through Golden Gate Park. Cody worked at the law library south a few blocks, and Zach worked at the Bridge with Peaches Christ. Zach slept on the futon in the living room and the south windows showcased the sun nicely every morning. Cody also was working on the Rhombus (which he is) album Margins, which Zach helped with, and Zach was working on the hip hop album the Dong and I with the Warden from the Sucka MCs during this six month period in 2005, who makes a guest appearance on the Warmheads album’s only track with vocals. They had a going away party for the apartment as Cody was moving down to the panhandle and Zach back to Iowa City and touring alot with Schaffer the Darklord. The going away party was a photo shoot and there were alot of pictures taken of friends, and 25 album covers for the Warmheads were individually drawn. We gave them away to our friends. These tracks are designed to help relieve your anxiety and aid celebrations and self-rejoicing.

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