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  • text; ErikWard Geerlings
  • music; Pierre Bastien
  • director and editor; Lukas Simonis
  • actress; Nanette Edens
A radio version of a piece by Geerlings, that was previously performed on the boards as a mime/dans/theatre. It’s a monologue by an expensive sort of sex-toy, (not a blow-up-doll we concluded!) called ‘Alphie’. Alphie messes up a relationship, and doesn’t come out unscathed.With mostly mechanical music, from the French
instrument builder/musician/composer Pierre Bastien. Bastien is also known for his work for the Rephlex label, and Geerlings is known ‘cos he is an inspired Rotterdams theatre writer, who’s worked in the past with Paul De Jong. (see; ‘The Books’) Language; dutch Duration; 55’  


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