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Mobilis by Vladimír Hirsch

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Vladimír Hirsch
Vladimír Hirsch
Producer: Vladimír Hirsch
VLADIMÍR HIRSCH HORAE (Organ Concerto no.2)   Concerto for organs, integrated techniques, clockworks and field recordings, op.90, with subtitle „Organ Concerto No.2“ (created 2011) Performed by Vladimír Hirsch (organs and other keyboards, pianos, synths, electronics, field recordings, clockworks, digital technique) Recorded live in Hussite church and cultural centre “Žižkostel”, Náměstí Barikád,
Prague 3, April 25, 2015.  Mixed at CatchArrow Recordings studio, Prague, Czechia     Important notice: album "at once" (no pauses between tracks)