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Songs From An Unmade World 2 by Visager

Album Description

Songs From An Unmade World 2 Cover
Released:April 26th, 2016
Producer: Visager
Engineer: Visager

Songs From An Unmade World 2 is an open-source video game music album -- 16 tracks with standalone and loopable versions designed for independent developers and game designers to use in their projects. The album contains sixteen different themes sketching out fantasy/RPG video game world habitats and story moments. The songs are styled after old-school NES, SNES, and Gameboy soundtracks, with modern and experimental sonic elements woven throughout. The album is licensed as Creative Commons with Attribution. Please reach out and say hi if you're using it for a project! Thanks for listening. ~Visager || visagermusic at gmail dot com. @visagermusic on twitter. 


Songs From An Unmade World 2 by Visager is licensed under a Attribution License.
Based on a work at
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AntiNSA on 05/03/16 at 07:20AM
Awesome. I love it. will use it on my blog. Thanks!
jorgemariozuleta on 05/03/16 at 05:20PM
This album is amazing! I enjoyed it quite very much
Glitchy on 05/16/16 at 10:41PM
Hey I am an indie game developer, and I am willing to help make an Unmade World if you want, you would have to make the artwork, levels, and music but I could take care of the coding and such.

Contact me at if you're interested.
n2fole00 on 05/21/16 at 04:06AM
Excellent album, all killers, no fillers ;)
fiendel on 06/25/16 at 02:43AM
Hey, I use some of your songs of your albums Songs From An Unmade World and Songs From An Unmade World 2, to my game.

I'ts pretty awesome your music and I wanted to my game immediately
06 on 09/17/16 at 04:48PM
Hi, I use some of your song to finish my video homework. Thank you really really much!!!
Guyra on 01/19/17 at 01:29PM
Hi, i'll use some of these songs for my game (non commercial) if that's okay :)
jorgespindola on 05/29/17 at 02:47PM
Muito bom. Usarei em meus projetos.

Excellent. I will use it in my projects and place the author's credits.
izzy768 on 05/31/17 at 10:44PM
Awesome, i use your music in my game project here Thank you so much for your great music!
Anony-mouse on 03/10/18 at 07:00AM
so good
Anony-mouse on 03/10/18 at 07:36AM
do you use a tracker
Kojima on 10/30/18 at 06:55PM
Awesome, i use your music in my game project here
Black Potion on 04/03/19 at 09:19AM
Awesome music. We used it in our little game if you want to check it :
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