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Velcro Lewis Group - White Magick Summer - Velcro Lewis is a Chicago staple (singer), sorry I couldn't resist. Velcro does have soul, though, and he has it in spades. His Group is one of Chicago's finest and they can do just about anything. You name it: blues, garage, psych, soul, Velcro Lewis' got it. Their new LP "White Magick Summer" is a total ripper that deserves way more attention than it will (based on the band's underrated history) ultimately receive. It's chock full of soulful psychedelic rock jams, with one of the tightest rhythm sections this side of Daptone and some of the best guitar playing this side of a Earthless record (though a comparison between the two would be far from the truth, especially in heaviness), even though their influences ('60s hardrock, blues, and psych) probably overlap more than we can probably imagine. We bet VLG could give Earthless' cover of "Cherry Red" a run for it's money. We know Velcro is well versed in his Groundhogs material. Like the head Groundhog, Tony McPhee, Velcro is an amazing singer, too. For being such a modest guy in regular life, he really knows how to belt it out on stage, and right here on this record. Fans of blues-y garage rock stompers and shred-tastic psychedelic guitar leads will totally dig "White Magick Summer". We think it's better than most of the records of it's ilk and it puts out reigns the Reigning Sound in just about every way. Go ChicaGo! -Permanent Records