Vassily K.

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Vassily K. is a Russian musician, singer and songwriter. He started up on the local rock scene in Murmansk, the very North of Russia, studied electric guitar at the local music college and in 1998 moved to Lund, Sweden. There he studied musicology at Lund University and became aquainted with some Swedish musicians. Former members of the experimental band Kurten have become his near friends and long-time collaborators. Together, under the name Vassily K. & the kurtens, they recorded several albums, released between 2001 and 2006 in Russia on various indie labels. Now he lives in Moscow, where he founded his current band, Vassily K. & The Intellectuals.Vassily K's music is distinctly eclectic, embracing a wide range of styles, from the intimate acoustic singer-songwriter approach and mainstream guitar rock to atonal and minimalistic experiments. The poetic side is also important, he writes mostly in Russian, with occasional drops of English and Swedish.

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